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We wanted to put together this brief pool cleaner buying guide to let people know what they should look for when they are shopping for a new automatic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaner is basically a version of vacuum cleaning machine that is usually meant to help in removing dirt and debris off swimming pools. This should be possible even without the need for someone to operate the pool cleaner. This tool can make it possible for you to keep your pool clean, but spend minimum time at the pool to do the job yourself.

The use of pool cleaners is something that started back in the 1951. Ferdinand Cheuvier, a South African engineer who specialized in hydraulics made the first automatic pool cleaner in 1974 after having been interested in finding an easier to use option for pool owners. There are different types of automatic pool cleaners.


This one uses the water overflow venture effect to clean the pool, removing different forms of debris from it. This happens by retuning the water overflow into the pool. It suctions the debris to clean the pool.  The Venturi effect moves the cleaner forward allowing it to clean the dirt and allow the water to mix through the filter bag.

Pressure Driven

This is actually similar to the return-side-driven except that there is a simple variation between them. In its case, a secondary booster pump is used to achieve the water overflow. This helps to speed up the locomotion and debris removal through pressurizing the water overflow. It also applies the idea of venturi effect. This type of automatic pool cleaner is losing in popularity, especially because it is quite expensive for most people.

Suction-side Driven

This particular type of pool cleaner is normally attached to a vacuum plate that is in the skimmer through a hose which is generally 1.5inch. The suction that is provided by the pump in the pool allows the robot to make movement inside the pools cleaning the walls and the floor by picking up debris and dirt. This was actually the first type of automated pool cleaner.

Electronic Pool Cleaner

The main component of this pool cleaner is the motor block which has a drive motor, processor and also a pump. As the pump runs, water is filtered through filter bags and then out through an outlet. The outlet is also the one that provide the suction that makes side cleaning possible. It is fitted with a filler bag where debris and dirt are moved to and accumulated as the cleaning process continues.

After removing the cleaner from the pool, the electronic pool cleaner has to be emptied of all debris and dirt that have been accumulated inside since its operation. In their case, the pool cleaning robot will move back and forth using the wheel tracts. These tracks are usually driven by belts connected to the drive motor. Most of these pool cleaners have a third motor that is called foot motor and is used to press down the rubber foot to turn and probably change direction.

There are many other types of robotic pool cleaners that you can buy online with great discount. Most of them may vary in terms of cost, but the most important thing is to ensure that you only get one of the best and also affordable. Our reviews can help you to get what you want from various selections.

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