Beneficial Aspects of Automatic Pool Cleaner Machines

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With days passing, automatic pool cleaning machines have considerably grown in popularity. Manufacturers are coming up with these innovative and highly effective machines that are gradually outshining the suction-side and pressure-side cleaners that reined the market for quite a few years. The automatic cleaners require little human involvement and make the pools immaculately clean within two or three years. Consumers across the world prefer the automatic pool cleaner products to suction-side and pressure-side cleaners though automatic ones are costlier than the other two. This is because automatic cleaners have a myriad of benefits to offer and can save a lot of time and money of the pool owners in the long run. Assessing the modus operandi and basic features of these cleaners might help in understanding the beneficial aspects of the same.

Modus operandi of automatic pool cleaners

These cleaners generally work with timers. You can preset the time of operation and the pool cleaning machine will do its job impeccably enough. Generally, an automatic pool cleaning machine derives water from the pump of the pool and the inbuilt robotic drive mechanism allows the machine to move around the pool and clean up the floor of the pool. On the other hand, there are some automatic machines that are driven by water force coming from exterior pumps. Most of the automatic machines are run by the water force generated from the pumps of the pools only. The whole process of pool cleaning needs negligible human involvement.


These machines generally do not need to be maintained on a periodical basis. However, it is the operator or pool owner’s responsibility to ensure adequate and constant water pressure from the pump to make the machine run uninterruptedly. One common problem with these automatic pool cleaners is the leaf catching basket not emptied regularly which leads to malfunction of the whole unit. On the other hand, pool filter is often left dirty which also leads to technical complications. If those two parts are cleared up on a regular basis, a cleaner of this type can perform accurately.

Mechanical and Robotic

One of the prime selling points of an automatic pool cleaning machine is implied within the name itself. If you set an operation timeframe, the pool cleaner will automatically work every day for that specified amount of time. These pool cleaning machines are intelligent and efficient enough to search the debris and clean up the entire pool quite effectively.


These pool cleaning products come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and there’s a solution for each and every kind of pool. In ground pools require different types of cleaners as compared to above ground pools. On the other hand, sloped pools cannot be cleaned with cleaners that are specially made for steep walled pools. The manufacturers of these pool cleaning machines have kept in mind these issues and the machines produced by different companies are tailor-made for different types of pools.

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