EcoJet Plus Aquabot Review

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The EcoJet Plus Aquabot is a unique automated pool cleaner that comes with eco-friendly and powerful pool cleaning technology.  It’s a unique product from the famous Aqua Products Inc., known for manufacturing all kinds of Aquabot products.  The Ecojet Plus is actually the latest product from the company.

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Simply put, the Aquabot is a robotic pool cleaner which you can use in cleaning the pool very easily.  It’s known to be eco-friendly at all times.  You’ll always enjoy using the device.

EcoJet Plus Aquabot Features & Specifications

  • Eco-friendly, powerful & efficient pool cleaning
  • Self-contained with onboard filtration system
  • Reduces as much as 50% of the wear and tear other cleaners incur
  • Scrubbing brushes loosen waterline build up and break down large debris
  • Maintenance cost savings of up to 50% (chemicals, water, energy)

The EcoJet Plus Aquabot is known for carrying out pool cleaning tasks in a most efficient manner.  It operates at the rate that is up to 4800 gallons per hour.  The automatic pool vacuum usually vacuums and filters out sand, algae, twigs, bacteria and other debris directly into its micro filter bag.  It also comes with a high pressure impeller on the top of the pump motor that directs water through the tubes directly to the pools floor. This helps in power washing and loosening stubborn debris and sand.

The EcoJet Plus pool cleaner comes with efficient pool cleaning technology.  It also has an onboard filtration system that makes it to deliver quality results.  The device has an intelligent efficiency that reduces wear and tear to 50%. It comes with a scrubbing brushes with loosen waterline build up. this helps a lot in breaking up large debris. The maintenance culture of the Aquabot pool cleaner is something to write home about. It’s very easy to maintain whenever you use it.

There’s a lot you stand to gain when you go for the ecojet plus pool vacuum.  You can easily complete any pool cleaning task in less than no time when you use the device. It does a great job with its power washing jets which is far more superior to ordinary brushes. The automatic pool cleaner comes with offset vacuum ports that allow for clog-free operation. It also comes with large capacity mesh filter which does a great job.

The EcoJet Plus Aquabot comes with a healthy filtration and water circulation system. It serves as a convenient pool cleaning device which you can operate simply by a touch of button.  You can always achieve great feats in pool cleaning when you go for the product. The device is known to be very durable all the time.  you don’t need to worry about changing it for years when you have it.

EcoJet Plus Review

Currently, the EcoJet Plus Aquabot automatic pool vacuum has no single review at Amazon. This is probably because; it’s still an new product coming from the Aquabot company.  The product is however on sale in some other shopping    malls online. So far, there are no seemingly recorded negative comments concerning the product. It’s still very new at Amazon. Click here to check it out.

In any case, the EcoJet Plus Aquabot is a unique device that can help you a lot in pool cleaning. The Aqua robotic pool cleaner is currently very affordable and available. You can easily grab it online at your beck and call. You’re sure to benefit a lot from the device when you go for it.  why not grab the product today?

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Jake W April 16th, 2012 (#)

I love my ecojet! it cleans my pool really fast and does an awesome job! If this ever broke I would replace it without a doubt.

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