Dolphin Diagnostic DL2019 Robotic InGround Pool Cleaner Review

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The Dolphin Diagnostic DL2019 InGround Pool Cleaner is a high tech marvel. It is fully self-contained and therefore does not require a booster pump or a long cumbersome hose. The scrubbers loosen and remove the debris from every inch of the pool from bottom to the waterline. It draws in the water after the scrubbers remove the debris and its internal filters remove the debris and expels the clean water. With its internal filtering and pump features you see huge saving on operating and maintenance costs over traditional pool cleaners.

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The dolphin dl2019 automatic cleaner in ground pool cleaner is made from all high quality materials and it contains some very advanced electronic controls. This robotic pool cleaner is designed to basically to be dropped in the pool and when the power is turned on it automatically cleans every square inch of your pool. This includes the bottom, stairs and walls up to the water line.

Dolphin Diagnostic DL2019 Features & Specifications

  • 25 years of scrubbing pools clean experience
  • Advanced electronics and unequalled service record.
  • Rugged construction, superior cleaning performance
  • Scrubs and vacuums the pool floor, walls and waterline and microfilters the pool water
  • Recommended for Pools up to 20′ x 40′
  • Operates Independently of Pool Pump and Filter
  • Saves up to 50% on Electricity and Backwashing Costs

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The dolphin diagnostic dl2019 does not require a separate booster pump to operate its filter system and it traps the debris it filters out from the water and it is easily emptied. It has sturdy scrubber rollers on the bottom of the unit to loosen the debris from all the surfaces and then it draws in the water and filters out the debris and other stuff from the water.

The power is fed to the Dolphin DL 2019 robot cleaner by use of a 59 foot electrical cord that floats on the surface of the water and sinks as the cleaner needs it. With it long power cord it is recommended to be used on pools as large as 20 foot by 40 foot.

With its powerful pump and filtration system is can filter all the water in the pool as it cleans all the surfaces. This filtering action can help reduce the cost of running the pools main filter system and also cut down of the amount of chemicals and electricity you will need to keep your pool safe for your family.

Dolphin Diagnostic Pool Cleaner Review

We discovered a handful of consumer reviews posted online for the Dolphin Diagnostic DL2019 InGround Pool Cleaner. It received an average rating of 4.0 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars on the three consumer reviews. Along with the ratings it received mostly positive comments, but we also found a few negative ones. According to each of the reviewers it was actually pretty easy to get setup and put into the pool. They also reported that it was very rugged and withstood some fairly rough usage and it just kept running. They also reported that it was able to keep their pools clean even with one of the reviewers pool was actually larger than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

There were also a few negatives mentioned by the reviewers, though none of them appeared to be deal breakers for them. One issue mentioned was that it was heavy and not easy to maneuver when putting it in or removing it. Another point was mentioned that it did not always pickup all of the leaves at the bottom of the pool.

After completing our research for the Dolphin Diagnostic DL2019 InGround Pool Cleaner we discovered that majority of the consumers rated highly and had mostly positive things to say about it. We would recommend this robot pool cleaner.  Click here to check it out.

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